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// setting up half-life 1016 server for counter-strike beta 6.1i
// requires 32-bit Linux to operate, 64-bit OS unsupported


cd /user/local/games

mkdir halflife

cd halflife

tar zxvf hlds_l3016.tar.gz

cd hlds_l

chmod +x hlds_l.3016.nowon.sh


cd valve

ln -s halflife.wad HalfLife.wad // fixes error for some older maps

cd ../

tar zxvf cs_beta61.tar.gz

mv cstrike cstrk61

cd cstrk61

nano server.cfg // vi and pico also work

cd /usr/local/games/halflife/hlds_l

screen -S cstrk61

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/halflife/hlds_l:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

./hlds_l -game cstrk61 +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27016 
         +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map de_railroad -heapsize 1024000

CTRL A+D // to detatch screen

screen -r cstrk61 // to attach screen

screen -D -r '1234.session' // to detatch attached screen

screen -X -S '1234.session' kill // to kill attached screen

// team fortress classic and half-life death match servers come 
   pre-installed with hlds_l3016.tar.gz while firearms does not

./hlds_l -game tfc +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27020
         +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map badlands 

./hlds_l -game valve +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27015
         +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map subtransit

./hlds_l -game firearms +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27019
        +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map ps_outlands  

// installation folder for counter-strike beta 3.1 and 5.2 should
   be renamed from "cstrike" to "cstrk31" and "cstrk52" 

./hlds_l -game cstrk31 +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27018 
         +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map de_prodigy -heapsize 32000

./hlds_l -game cstrk52 +exec server.cfg +ip -port 27017
         +sv_lan 1 +maxplayers 16 +map de_prodigy -heapsize 32000